Pathology detection has always been a significant challenge for the medical community and is crucial to carry out the treatment. Many diseases have similar kinds of symptoms, which may lead to erroneous human decision-making and thus treatments. To avoid this, medical doctors ask patients for chemical tests. Sometimes multiple tests are required to be conducted, which leads to a waste of resources at both ends. In this aspect, AI-based models can be used as better diagnostic tools for monitoring various diseases. Thus, this talk focuses on discussing how AI applications can provide benefits in disease analysis and diagnoses

Retinal Degenerative Diseases (RDD) are among the leading causes of blindness in the adult population worldwide. It involves gradual and irreversible degeneration of retinal cells. Unfortunately, to-date, there is no significant cure possible for RDD that can reverse the damage. Therefore, the focus of the medical and research community is on rehabilitation, during which patients learn how to use their residual vision. The focus of this talk is to introduce previous work in the field of RDD rehabilitation and discuss how AI can help in formulating better rehabilitation training for individuals suffering from RDD.