Acquisition of GPU accelerated High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster from Lenovo

19th June 2020

Contract for acquiring High-Performance Computing (HPC) was awarded to M/S Commtel for the supply, installation and commissioning of GPU cluster and high-performance Workstations after competitive bidding process as detailed in PPRA rules. The deployment of GPU accelerated High Performance Computing cluster shall provide computational strength to the SPCAI and to the PAF-IAST institute. The HPC solution is critical for the scientific and industrial domains where the parallel computations shall lead to new insights, rapid decision making and solutions deployment. The applications range from basic sciences to applied science in the cross-disciplinary subjects. The HPC shall immensely facilitates the research community at Center while addressing the complex problems such as climate change, global food security, COVID-19, run complex models and simulations related to earthquake and other natural disasters where large data sets are processed which require massive computation resources.