Sino-Pak center for Artificial Intelligence has 10 research laboratories aiming to develop competences in fundamental and applied areas of AI. These laboratories categorize the expertise of the center as thematic areas that contribute to interdisciplinary research projects.

Intelligent Biomedical Applications

Applications includes assistive bionics, intelligent healthcare and disease diagnosis from medical data.

Smart City, Urban Planning

Intelligent Transportation and Surveillance & Intelligent energy management

Smart Agriculture

Climate Change and Weather Forecasting. Smart crop monitoring and pesticide control 

Applied Neural Interface

Intelligent Applications for neural interface including brain computer Interface & Human-Machine Interaction


Computer Vision

Facial Recognition, Human activity recognition, Augmented Reality, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Self-driving cars 

Intelligent Field Robotics

Programmable drones and autonomous guided vehicles. Mobile robots and related AI applications 

Deep Learning

Algorithms for deep learning methods and neural networks. Cross-disciplinary applications of deep learning methods.

Intelligent Systems Design

Artificial Intelligence into manufacturing technologies for enhancing industrial and strategic production.



Intelligent Natural Disaster Management Applications

Prediction of floods and environmental disasters using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for suggesting best preemptive measures.

Internet of Things

Smart agriculture and Smart grid. Networked systems. Smart homes.