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Gender Recognition using EEG during Mobile Game Play   International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT)

An audio-visual motor training improves audio spatial localization skills in individuals with scotomas due to retinal degenerative diseases   Acta Psychologica

Spatio-Temporal Medium Access Control for Wireless Powered IoT Networks   IEEE Internet of Things Journal

T-VLAD: Temporal vector of locally aggregated descriptor for multiview human action recognition   Pattern Recognition Letters

A decentralized hybrid computing consumer authentication framework for a reliable drone delivery as a service   PLOS ONE

Expert-novice classification of mobile game player using smartphone inertial sensors   Expert Systems with Applications

S-THAD: a framework for sensor-based temporal human activity detection from continuous data streams   Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing

A Highly Non-linear Substitution-box (Sbox) Design Using Action of Modular Group on a Projective Line over a Finite Field   PLOSE One Journal

A Novel Algebraic Technique for Design of Computational Substitution-boxes using Action of Matrices on Galois Field   IEEE Access